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ユニセフ出前学習会(宮崎市生目小学校)UNICEF STUDY VISIT at Ikime Elementary Schoool

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On a fine autumn day, we visited Ikime Elementary School to give UNICEF STUDY class. The students were members of the “traveling abroad” club.  They were thirteen in all.


First, we showed them the UNICEF DVD.


Children seemed to be impressed by the scene where children were drinking muddy water in developing countries.

次に、「文字を知らないということ」の授業をしました。今回は、ネパール語とパキスタン語と韓国語でそれぞれ「水」・「薬」・「毒」と書いたペットボトルを使っての初めての取り組みでした。   村役場の人が各グループに3本ずつのペットボトルを配りますが、いざおなかが痛くなったときに、文字が読めないのでどのペットボトルが薬かわからなくなってしまいます。それで、間違って毒を飲んでしまうこともある、という流れを、参加型の授業でやってみました。

Then, we gave the lesson “What would happen if you cannot read language?”  We prepared three bottles of water, medicine and poison, and  the contents are written on each of the bottles in Nepali, which no one of us cannot read. We made a skit: when you have a stomachache which bottle do you take?

131108_105744ネパール語で、「薬」 と書いてあるのは、どのペットボトル?

Which bottle is the medicine in Nepali?


If you can’t read language you might be cheated out of your house and land by wicked bankers.

時間があったので、もう一つ、買い物の場面で、計算ができないと お店の人にごまかされるよという話。これにも生徒に参加してもらって、スキットをやりました。

If you cannot calculate you might be cheated by a bad shopkeeper.


Lastly we showed some pictures of the children taken  in Cambodia and Nepal in our study tour.  We told them what Unicef was doing in many parts of the world.




UNICEF is supporting children who cannot go to school.  They make schools in the village where they can go to study after work or before work.



Children are trying to lift the water jar and carry it.  They know how heavy It is to carry aroud.



生徒たちの感想       Children’s Impressions


We take our daily lives for granted, but looking around the world, there are many children in need having a hard life.  We need to appreciate that we can lead a happy life every day.


I learned if we didn’t know how to read language, we’d get in trouble.


We learned many children are dying before five in the world.  We also learned if we drank muddy water we’d get sick.


I learned how wonderful it was that I could go to school.


Sometimes I’m reluctant to go to school, but thinking of the children who cannot go to school, I feel sorry for them.


We enjoyed today’s visit to Ikime Elementary School.  Thank you so much.





Category : 活動状況



On October 26th and 27th, UNICEF Panel Exhibition – Let’s Know More About Africa- was held at Miyako City.  Many people came to see our panels and took part in the quiz on Africa.  Ms. Ogawa, a professional photographer, took the pictures, and we would like to report the event with her pictures.  We hope you could enjoy our report.



今回のパネルはアフリカはウガンダでの「命を守る100万人の手洗いプロジェクト」というユニセフの取り組み。衛生製品会社のサラヤが売り上げの1%を寄付するという支援をしている。この写真はティップ タップという手洗いの装置。水を汚さずにみんなで手を洗う工夫に感心しました。

This is a device by which people can wash their hands without polluting water. UNICEF is working on the ” Hands Washing ” project in Uganda, and Saraya company is supporting the project.

DSC00189DSC00229手を洗っている子ども達。ってを洗うことによって、多くの命が救われる。          Children are wahing their hands.  By washing hands, many lives are saved.DSC00177DSC_2236宮崎市に住んでいるタンザニア出身のレアさん。踊ったり歌ったり、太鼓を叩いたり、アフリカの文化を伝えてくれました。This is Rea san from Tanzania, living in Miyazaki City.  She introduced the African culture, dansing, singing and playing the drum.DSC_2190DSC_2174高校生も舞台に上がって、盛り上げてくれました。ありがとう。High school students also danced on the stage and helped make the stage enjoyable.DSC00279今回の工夫の一つ、アフリカの国名当てクイズです。アフリカについて私達がいかに知らないか、分かりました。でも小学生で全問(5問)正解した子もいました。One of the programs was a quize about Africa.  How many countries do you know by name?  An elementary school boy could answer perfect!DSC00232多くの方が高校生の呼びかけに答えて、たくさんの募金をしてくださいました。ありがとうございました。Many people stopped and gave a donation responding to high school students. We thank you very much.DSC00323高校生がいなくなると何だかさびしくなりました。代わりにスタッフも募金のお願いをしました。いつもすてきな光景に出会います。今回は、お父さんやお母さんが、小さい子ども達にお金を持たせて募金をさせる姿と、中学生の女生徒二人が、お小遣いを募金してくれた姿が、目に焼き付いています。本当にありがとうございました。Unicef staffs also stood and asked donation.  Everytime we stand we meet wonderful people.  Young parents sent their little children to us and they put some coins into our unicef box.  Two junior high school girls came up to us and put some of their pocket money into unicef box.  We were moved.  Maybe their parents are also wonderful.  Thank you very much again.